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  • The ISO-9001-2008 certification
  • In a quest for excellence and growth, we believe the systems and layers in an office go a long way. We have a layered organization to handle clients of various different project typologies and scales. In this process of layering, we did not want to lose out on the quality of our services rendered and the design strategy that we implement. ISO is one such system that we have implemented to ensure check points at every stage of design and execution, thereby achieving better targets and above all to exceed the clients expectations. We always tell a client, "Our profit is not the money we get from your project, but it is the next new client you recommend us to, that becomes our profit."
  • We believe we have systems in a creative design organization where we minimize the risk and mistakes in a project from any end, whether us, or the client or the executor. We wish to standardize the process of concept to execution and not the thought and design ideology. Each project is treated differently in terms of design, but the process and implementation programme is standardized.
  • We have been certified by the ABS Group, Houston, USA, who certify and do risk management and analysis for the United States Government, AIG, SONY, SUN Microsystems, Reliance, ONGC, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, IBM, and a host of other reputed multinationals. What this means, is that the implementing systems and quality analysis are of the highest standards, and being certified by such an authority is quite a challenge and it is even more challenging to retain the certificate through a half yearly audit on the systems being implemented.
  • We want to grow and it is impossible to handle every client personally every time in every meeting. This certification, addresses these issues and assists us in maintaining a stringent check on the team, thereby benefiting the client. It is essential to create a talent pool and a team that addresses clients and their needs in the very same manner as the principal of the firm does. It is for this reason that we have with us some of the best talent in India, sharing the same values we believe in, so as to serve our clients better.
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